Corroboree Billabong

The Northern Territories Corroboree Billabong is part of a network of Billabongs formed along the Mary River once the wet season "run-off" is over.

More than 40 kilometres of waterways becomes a protected gathering place for a vast variety of wetland wildlife including the famous Barramundi.

Large populations of Saltwater crocodiles are found here too, even buffalo and wild horses have been spotted on the banks. Many varieties of migratory birds can be seen and heard, such as magpie geese, owls and black cockatoos.

Rainbow Fish, Saratoga and Tarpon fish species are also common in the Billabong. The vegetation consists of a range of pandanas, paperbarks and water lilly as well as many wetland reeds and grasses.

To experience the ultimate Top End adventure a visit to Corroboree Billabong is a Must Do!